"A Den of Iniquities"
by sabine7 / March 24, 2006

Linsay Blondeau's contemporary watercolours hark back to an old-fashioned age of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Blondeau's characters have one eye, the childhood point of view, larger than the other, more mature one and appear to straddle the divide between youthful innocence and adult peculiarities. Her works bring to mind the illustrations of children's books hidden away in an attic, but these would have to accompany stories with non-traditional plot twists. Don't go down to the woods alone (or the evil, raging teapots might get you).

Artist: Linsay Blondeau
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blondeau_ugly_baby_mar_06.jpg blondeau_falling_star_mar_0.jpg
Kevin Kelly Discovers An Ugly Baby Beneath A Rock / A Falling Star

blondeau_fish_nor_mar_06.jpg blondeau_miss_bee_mar_06.jpg
Neither Fish Nor Fowl / Miss Bee Having Drawn Circles On Her Hand


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