"La Belle"
by sabine7 / March 21, 2006

Silvia B. is a Dutch artist whose sculptures are a fascinating mix of graphically intriguing and visually off-putting. Silvia B. plays with established notions of beauty with her models of females covered in lambskin or pony fur, or sometimes synthetic materials, capped with human hair. Glass eyes are employed, as are braces or artificial nails in order to make the works as attractive as possible, to entice the viewer to look more closely and then become disturbed. Once this is achieved one must question the reasons for the discomfort.
More Silvia B. tomorrow.

Artist: Silvia B.
+ silvia-b.com

silvia_lily_lucinda_mar_06.jpg silvia_betes_noires_mar_06.jpg
Lily Lucinda / Les Betes Noires

Sweet Honey


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