by sabine7 / March 18, 2006

Chris Clamp’s narrative still life oil paintings are lonely links to the past, all soft tones of taupes and greys and aqua. Many of Clamp’s subjects, his commonplace treasures, were found in his grandfather’s barn, a connection to his own past that he works into his paintings. The everyday objects used by Clamp include bagged mousetraps pinned to the wall, as is an old toy bunny, hanging from one ear. The subjects are often solitary items that call attention to their solitude, accusatory in their loneliness.

Artist: Christopher Clamp
+ chrisclamp.com

The work of Chris Clamp is at the Jerald Melberg Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina through March 25th.

Giving In Was Always Easier Than Letting Go

If I Held My Breath, Would You Come Back?

Sweetheart Soap

Finding Solace in a Diseased Heart


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