"Essex Girls (newsprint suit)"
by sabine7 / March 13, 2006

Martin Parr’s latest exhibition, Fashion Show, recently wrapped up at the Stephen Daiter Gallery in Chicago. Photos taken from his book of the same name cover the realm of everyman’s quest to be part of fashion. Parr presents quite an array of subjects: jockeys juxtaposed with trendy models, fashionably-dressed citizens in the streets of Dakar and an assortment of Essex girls, including a boy eating chips. Parr mixes jewels with fruit and veg, sticks a well-dressed office girl among the potted plants and photocopiers and snaps air kisses at haute couture runway shows. Beach front packages are on display in Cuba and a variety of People Not Known to Martin Parr are immortalized during Moscow’s fashion week. Slip in a few expert fashion adverts and we’re set. It’s like going in and out of the change rooms, a new outfit each time we emerge.

Artist: Martin Parr
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Cuba (beauty parlor)

People Not Known to Martin Parr (Moscow Fashion Week)


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