"Glass, Seriously"
by sabine7 / March 8, 2006

Arlene Shechet is a multi-talented artist whose sculptures and glasswork embody the very nature of zen. Shechet has created two series of pale blue glass rope installations where sections of the cast crystal rope have been threaded into the walls of the exhibition space. These ropes are symbolic of several changing states, from the moment the liquid becomes solid. The rope can be tied or free-flowing, visible or invisible, attached or detached. Shechet uses real rope to create a wax mold and then builds a plaster mold around this. She melts the wax and pours in the liquid crystal and eventually the glass is carefully removed from the plaster after the kiln firing process. Hot. And cool.

Artist: Arlene Shechet
+ arleneshechet.net

Glass, Seriously

Out of the Blue (detail)

Out of the Blue (detail)


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