"6:30 AM"
by sabine7 / February 21, 2006

When photographer Robert Weingarten decided upon a new project a couple of years ago, he was inspired by the many canvases of Claude Monet’s cathedral at Rouen and Mark Rothko’s colour studies. Weingarten found that no photographer had made a systematic study of the same scene at the same time of day for any length of time. He chose to shoot the Pacific from his home in Malibu at 6:30 a.m. almost every day for a year, as often as his travel schedule would permit. Land, sea and sky painted themselves differently throughout the year, changing costumes and colours all along the way.

Artist: Robert Weingarten
+ weingartenphotography.com

11/24/05 #120

03/26/03 #28

01/04/03 #3

08/14/03 #77


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