"Notes and Itineraries, 1976 - 2004"
by sabine7 / February 27, 2006

Since when do the art critics put on the shows? Well, when it was discovered that New York reviewer Kim Levin had almost thirty yearsí worth of notes, invitations and documentation pertaining to a wide variety of galleries, shows and artists, it was only natural that this wealth of history be curated. Levin made careful jottings between 1976 and 2004, and a good part of the show that took place recently at the Ronald Feldman Gallery was made up of her specially notated itineraries. That the ephemera that were tools of Levinís trade became the art, and in fact that the critic became the enabler, is a fascinating concept. And on a more concrete level, Levinís artifacts provide a concise history of the Manhattan art scene and all its changes over the last quarter century.

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