"In and Out of Trouble"
by sabine7 / February 18, 2006

It comes as no surprise to learn that vinyl records, a mixer and turntable are all important components of Erik Parker’s studio. Parker’s paintings and drawings are grooving bursts of psychedelia, and in fact, some of his works with black backgrounds are reminiscent of 70’s rock posters with the black, flocked finish. Words and sentence fragments form free associations that make up an important part of the visuals as well as the theme of Parker’s work. Parker combines technicolour creatures of the imagination, brought forth in a cartoon-like style, with vivid patterning to present a universe of his making that would not be out of place on album covers.

Artist: Erik Parker
+ faurschou.com

The Galerie Faurschou of Copenhagen is exhibiting Is It Something I Said? by Erik Parker through March 11th.

Can't Change You


Bend Ass


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