"This Town Is Our Town"
by sabine7 / February 16, 2006

Jules de Balincourtís faux-naÔve style of painting is married to a healthy dose of socio-political criticism. In some works, like This Town Is Our Town or People Who Play And People Who Pay, we get a sense of exclusive and protected communities. In others, such as The Watchtower or Ambitious New Plans, there is a sense of the few decision makers that carry out the plans that affect many more than themselves. These two paintings are marked by a typical de Balincourt signature: the placement of the characters on the periphery of a vast central space. In Blind Faith and Tunnel Vision, his trademark stripes come into play.

Artist: Jules de Balincourt
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Jules de Balincourt is exhibiting at Arndt & Partner in Berlin through February 26th.

People Who Play and People Who Pay

Blind Faith and Tunnel Vision


Ambitious New Plans


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