The Art of the Nanospores
by sabine7 / February 9, 2006

Out in LA the creative talents of Paul Hwang are not going to waste. Hwang is the artist behind Nanospores, the strange, but adorable collectible art toys that he collaborated on with partner Ben Lee. The Nanospore concept developed a few years ago when Hwang was at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, drawing endless spore shapes that became characters and then large paintings. Nanospores went on to take many forms: giant sculptures, plush installations, murals, video installations and animations. Most importantly, though, anyone can own 3-inch versions, available in blind assortment, just to make it all more exciting.

Artist: Paul Hwang & Ben Lee
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Coming up at the Javits Center in NY: Nanospore’s first customized toy exhibition - February 24 through 26th.




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