"Bow River Nest Bonsai"
by sabine7 / February 4, 2006

Victor Cicansky is a Regina sculptor and ceramicist who is much influenced by the realm of the garden. Many of his works depict produce in some form, whether growing out of (or into) spades, carefully preserved in a pantry, resting on an armchair or served up in a dish. While there is obviously an old-fashioned air about the nature of Cicansky’s work, mostly wax, ceramics and bronze, the whimsy provides a modern touch.

Artist: Victor Cicansky
+ cicansky.ca

cicansky_pantry_feb_06.jpg cicansky_green_tomato_feb_0.jpg
Pantry / Painting a Green Tomato

Little Blue Pantry

Delectable Dish of Strawberries


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