"Untitled (Weymouth)"
by sabine7 / February 1, 2006

For years Martin Parr has been well known in the realm of British social documentary photography, mostly for his sense of humour and incisive point of view. His series of photos run the gamut from an afternoon at Ascot to the more hectic beach culture enjoyed by the British. At first glance the work seems to be completely mundane, but Parr nails the details and the facial expressions, or even the situations, that allow the viewer to recognize the point that Parr is trying to make. It is well worthwhile to peruse the various portfolios on Parr’s website, for a sneaky peek into other people’s lives and business.

Artist: Martin Parr
+ martinparr.com

Hot Dog Shop

Untitled (Wells)

Untitled (Melplash)

Couple, Man Smoking, Pink Room


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