"Salt Water Taffy"
by sabine7 / January 31, 2006

Do not look at the work of Tracy Miller on an empty stomach. Miller’s oils are scrumptious banquets of cakes and donuts and fruit and lobsters and sushi and – stop! Miller does not actually set up still lifes to paint from, but relies on observation or pictures form cookbooks or magazines to get the juices flowing, to the point where it feels as though the images are derived from music or memory. Apparently Miller’s paintings start out abstract and evolve into something more specific as she paints. Miller has compared her ‘real universe’ to a ‘meaty stew in need of re-heating’, but her imaginary one is more of ‘a springtime bakery full of cakes and pies’.

Artist: Tracy Miller
+ featureinc.com

Feature Inc. in New York is presenting an exhibition of Tracy Miller’s paintings until February 11th.

Beer and Kisses

miller_lemon_chiffon_jan_06.jpg miller_lime_whip_jan_06.jpg
Lemon Chiffon / Lime Whip


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