"The Seneca"
by sabine7 / February 3, 2006

Niagara is the name of the latest collection of photos by Alec Soth. The theme is so well summed up by the title: Niagara is a look at budget romance that ends up at the Falls. It is a simply brilliant statement that brings together motel interiors and exteriors, hand-written love notes and good-byes, couples in their wedding finery or their honeymoon undress. And every so often the Falls. Niagara is a heartbreaker of a photo story. First you want to cry at the sheer hopelessness of it all. Then you hate yourself for being so damn judgmental. Sooner or later, someone goes over in a barrel.

Artist: Alec Soth
+ alecsoth.com

Niagara is at the Gagosian Gallery (Chelsea) in New York through February 25.

Falls 26

Two Towels

Well, What Can I Say?



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