by sabine7 / January 29, 2006

“Art Models. Artist/Photographer (female) seeks people for portraits. No experience necessary. Leave msg.” Katy Grannan advertises in local newspapers for her subjects and then photographs them either in their surroundings (wood-paneled rec rooms, intricately patterned wallpaper, couches and curtains) or outdoors lying in the tall grass, or in the fallen leaves, or in shallow water. What the photographs have in common is an intimacy between the photographer and her subjects, who wear as little as they feel comfortable with. It is this willingness to be documented, and the gaze of the models, that allow Grannan’s work to be so touching. At the same time, such intimacy can be intimidating and in a way, the photos chosen for Art MoCo are the least private because of this.

Artist: Katy Grannan
+ katygrannan.com

Katy Grannan’s Mystic Lake series is currently running at the Greenberg Van Doren Gallery in New York through February 4th. The Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco is holding a Katy Grannan exhibition until February 25th.

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