"My Stool"
by sabine7 / January 24, 2006

Some of Joe Zucker’s recent works are diptychs that also function as self-contained paintings. One half, the monochrome lid, can be fitted over the other half should the viewing be over. This half (both are edged with dowels) is subdivided further into geometric shapes that make up houses, boats and Mondrian-inspired scenery. Zucker pours paint into these compartments, creating a variety of surfaces by tilting or propping up the boxes as the paint dries. Another similar series focuses on images of furniture that is in Zucker’s studio, also in diptych format. The stools, tables and chairs are actual size, so the works in this series are quite large.

Artist: Joe Zucker
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There is a Joe Zucker exhibition at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York through February 11.

Orange Roof House




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