Au Plein Air
by sabine7 / January 19, 2006

K.K. Kozik paints a series of personal havens where people create private retreats out of already existing rooms or work with what they’ve got. A woman paints a bucolic scene on the outside wall of her downtown apartment, a fella creates a personal space out of a leafy bower in an urban backyard. Another woman’s world is her wall of books, while a quiet city couple have a polar bear for company. A window seat is created by putting up a plank between two trees, a stump for a handy table and a young woman takes a moonbath on the roof of her building. Kozik nails the feeling every time.

Artist: K.K. Kozik

The Black and White Gallery in Brooklyn is showing Shelter, an exhibition of K.K. Kozik’s work through January 23.



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