"Piazza San Marco"
by sabine7 / January 6, 2006

Photographer, filmmaker, photojournalist Massimo Vitali has specialized in taking long shots of crowd scenes on beaches and ski slopes, in swimming pools and discos. His large-scale images reflect bites of reality where the subjects go about their business on several planes. The anonymous people enjoying leisure activities against a variety of landscapes are usually photographed from platforms or ladders upon which Vitali is perched. The birds-eye view provides us with a panorama of people who become individuals, as opposed to scenery, as the eye explores further in a 'Where's Waldo?' sort of way.

Artist: Massimo Vitali
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There is currently a Massimo Vitali exhibition on at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York. Through January 28th.

Animaletti 1

Les Menuires Grandes



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