"Drawing from Preparing the Flute"
by sabine7 / December 21, 2005

Johannesburg artist William Kentridge does a lot of video work and set design, so many preparatory drawings form a large body of his work. Preparing the Flute is an exhibition based on the set Kentridge has done for Mozart’s The Magic Flute, performed in Brussels. Also included are drawings from his Porter series, silhouettes of figures bearing items of furniture crossing various maps. Kentridge’s drawings involve very little use of colour as these works are primarily of charcoal and pastel or mohair silk and embroidery, thus giving off a whiff of the past while remaining true to a very modern product.

Artist: William Kentridge
+ gallerialiarumma.it

Porter With Bicycle

Zeno at 4 a.m.

Arched Landscape III


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