"Women Make Lists"
by sabine7 / December 18, 2005

Abstract Expressionist Joan Snyder is often described as a feminist painter, and indeed, the titles of her works often give this away. But the danger of such labels, of course, is that the works are then dismissed by those against, or uncomfortable with, such ideologies. Sometimes it is easier to examine or take in paintings on an individual basis. The text of Women Make Lists covers odd lists headed People I Think About But Don’t Call or People Who I Think About and Call But Would Never Call Me – typical insecurities on an everywoman level. But visually it is the splotches of colour and the black squiggles of cursive that draw the eye in, leading the viewer to explore the meaning behind them. But is that a column of olive-like breasts? Well, no one ever said art had to be easy.

Artist: Joan Snyder
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