"250 Matryoshkas"
by sabine7 / December 15, 2005

For a unique spin on fundraising, 50 sets of customized matryoshka dolls will be auctioned off tonight in Antwerp to raise money for the Red Cross. The dolls, designed by graphic designers, street artists, fashion designers, contemporary artists and jewellery designers, are anything but typical Russian issue. The sets of five have been stacked as totems, broken to bits and stowed in a jar, and re-assembled as a leisure time bear. They represent stitched felt families, bow-tied waiters, and any number of hard-to-pinpoint characters derived from the Belgian imagination. D-I-Y stacking dolls may be baboushka-free from now on.

Artist: various
+ m-a-f.be


matry_totem_all_dec_05.jpg matry_totem_dec_05.jpg

matry_jar_dec_05.jpg matry_jar_back_dec_05.jpg

matry_bear_dec_05.jpg matry_bear_back_dec_05.jpg


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