Turner Prize Winner 2005
by sabine7 / December 6, 2005

It was announced last evening at Tate Britain that the winner of this year’s £25,000 Turner Prize is Simon Starling. Starling delights in the processes of transformation and many of his works are in fact transformations or journeys. Shedboatshed is a fine example of the type of circularity produced by Starling. He took apart a shed to build a boat and whatever he did not use, he loaded up into the ‘new’ boat and paddled it along the Rhine. When Starling reached Basel he re-built the boat into a shed. Another work, Tabernas Desert Run, was the journey across a Spanish desert on a bicycle powered by fuel cells. The bike produced water as waste product which Staring subsequently used to paint a watercolour of a cactus.

Artist: Simon Starling
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