"Untitled (horizontally on two crutches)"
by sabine7 / November 29, 2005

Austrian artist Maria Lassnig has been creating her body-awareness paintings for well over fifty years. Her most recent series reflects the body in a state of brokenness, and Lassnig acts as her own model for the eleven paintings and eleven drawings which depict various states of disability as well as a flirtation with death. And yet, the pictures are not depressing, but have a vibrancy, a strength about them. Lassnig is equally adept at capturing the body in all its action as reflected by Kampfgeist, an earlier work, not without humour, amongst those vaunting the body’s athletic capabilities.

Artist: Maria Lassnig
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Maria Lassnig's paintings and drawings are on view at the Friedrich Petzel Gallery in New York through December 23rd.

Untitled (crutches, broken leg)

Die Oberen und die Unteren



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