"Untitled (In the Garden)"
by sabine7 / November 24, 2005

The rich tapestry-like layers of Lari Pittman’s newest paintings give rise to the notion that he is portraying the interiors of those who may dabble in alchemy or necromancy. Pittman focuses on the rooms, indoors and out, of an ornately decorated house for this series which does not have the science fiction overtones of his earlier, more graphic-based works. Pittman’s palette is much more jewel-toned, and the baroque ornamentation of his scenes leads to a deeply lush result.

Artist: Lari Pittman
+ gladstonegallery.com

Lari Pittman is currently showing at the Gladstone Gallery in New York through December 23.

Untitled (The Living Room)

Untitled (The Dining Room)


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