"Multi-Coloured Nesting Unknots"
by sabine7 / November 25, 2005

James Siena’s work is all about movement and colourful lines and forms oscillating across the canvas or paper. Siena’s work can bring to mind the products of computer software and Abstract Expressionism, but really, various paintings can reference a variety of influences or comparisons. Multi-Coloured Nesting Unknots has a flavour of Klimt about it, as does Eight Line Way, while the Unknot conjures up notions of Celtic motifs. And the beauty of Nested Boustrophedonic Unknots is that the title is a perfect description of what the picture is.

Artist: James Siena
+ pacewildenstein.com

James Siena is exhibiting at Pace Wildenstein in New York through January 28.

Nested Boustrophedonic Unknots

Eight Line Way



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