"Girl with a Loaf of Bread"
by sabine7 / November 14, 2005

Loretta Lux's artfully arranged photos of children are almost like updated Edward Gorey pictures , albeit in a state of soft pastels. This is not portraiture. The wide-eyed children seem out of proportion, and their sometimes baleful looks are definitely on the all-knowing side. Lux uses a digital camera to photograph the children against a plain white wall, then lays those on other backgrounds. She outfits the subjects in the clothing of her own childhood or other retro ensembles to further stage the work, lending it even more of a painterly air. These children look as though they are in total control, the miniature adults that they are. Perhaps that is it, that Lux's kid sport adult-sized heads on childish frames.

Artist: Loretta Lux
+ lorettalux.de

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