by sabine7 / November 8, 2005

The Smiles exhibition in the ArtTube of the MTR Central Station in Hong Kong wrapped up yesterday, but here’s hoping someone else will pick up the thread anywhere/everywhere else. Walter Kei’s photographs of smiling faces from around the world were aimed at reminding commuters the ease and importance of the simple, yet often elusive, smile. The exhibition featured four different sections: Smile To Go, where canvas bags printed with photo transfers of some of the smiling faces were available; A Thousand Reasons For Smiling, a collection of thoughts on smiling on a mounted plasma television; The Long-Forgotten Smile, another set of transfers on denim, implying the permanent need for smiles; and the collection of large scale photos, Smile Everywhere. So whether you’re in Hong Kong or not, have a nice day.

Artist: Walter Kei
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