"Two TVs and an Ashtray"
by sabine7 / November 10, 2005

The photography of Vancouver artist Karin Bubas is most often of scenes where the action has already taken place and the viewer is left alone to absorb the traces of lives lived. The interiors portrayed are not pretty, but Bubas shows them in such a way that they are made incredibly intriguing. Ivy House and Florence & George are two collections that focus on the interiors of two homes whose décor has not been changed for years and the photos from the Happy Friday Night series take place in a grittier, less glossy Japan. Leon’s Palace is the most disturbing set of prints, as it slowly becomes clear that the mess shown in the pictures is not the result of normal household confusion. Bubas’ photos tell stories and are surely worth well over the standard thousand words.

Artist: Karin Bubas
+ karinbubas.ca

Washing Machine (Florence and George)

Dog Piggy Bank (Florence and George)

Boxes and Foxes (Ivy House)

Yoko's Room 2 (Happy Friday Night)

Kitchen 2 (Leon's Palace)


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