"The Day After Saturday (Domingo)"
by sabine7 / November 6, 2005

Born in Puerto Rico to Cuban parents, Miami-based artist Christian Curiel presents a world of children at their most child-like, surrounded by their dreams, fears and idiosyncrasies. Curiel’s kids are neither stylized nor cute; he makes no attempt to hide their very human flaws and follies. The church-ready boys in The Day After Saturday make no bones about their feelings, choosing mischief over devotions, but who would blame them? Although Curiel is adept at humour in his works (You Can Have Your Cake is a fine example of this), he does not shy away from depicting the confusion and fragility of childhood, producing poignant commentary on a fleeting time of innocence.

Artist: Christian Curiel
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You Can Have Your Cake


Skins of Three Children Wearing Their Consternation


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