by sabine7 / November 17, 2005

Megan Foster’s screen prints and paintings have been referred to as ‘housescapes’, works of simple lines and colour that take the viewer to all too familiar terrain: the mysteries of the suburban home. Toy airplanes fill a bathtub – is this a parent’s lack of attentiveness or the playful liberty expressed by a child? Why have the kitchen appliances been allowed to spill out of the cupboard? Stress levles coming to a head, or simply someone at the door? Is the cluster of remote controls in charge? Should the leg lamp be in the living room or the boudoir? Is the exercise bike a replacement for action of a more intimate variety? Foster’s scenes of domestic disarray or chilling calm are anything but complacent.

Artist: Megan Foster
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Beyond a Certain Point

foster_leg_lamp_oct_05.jpg foster_lucky_saddle_oct_05.jpg
Leg Lamp / Lucky Saddle



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