"Pop, Pop, Pop"
by sabine7 / November 4, 2005

Marie-Andree Cote's series of nature morte ceramics is so organic that taking it in is like cosying up in the pantry or going down to the root cellar. Pop, Pop, Pop is not unlike a container made from a gourd of sorts, overflowing with puffed rice. Nature Fragmentee No. 10 has the spiciness of a large bundle of cinnamon sticks, while No. 9 speaks of a cross between a parsnip and a yam. The wild rice represented by Riz blanc/Riz noir is quite obvious, while Nature Improvisee XXII brings to mind the tobacco leaf, runner beans and coffee. An autumnal ceramic cookbook of sorts, no?

Artist: Marie-Andree Cote
+ collections.ic.gc.ca

cote_nature_frag_x_oct_05.jpg cote_nature_imp_xxii_oct_5.jpg
Nature fragmentee no. 10 / Nature improvisee XXII

Nature fragmentee no.9

Riz blanc / Riz noir


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