"Manufacturing #18, Cankun Factory"
by sabine7 / October 21, 2005

October 22 is the last day to catch Edward Burtynsky's China project at the Metivier Gallery in Toronto. These are photographs that are dense with subject, all to do with modern day Chinese industry. The workers, the attempts at recycling and the abandoned manufacturing plants serve to show the behind the scenes workings of a world we hardly see, even though we come into contact with its results on a daily basis. The sheer numbers of seemingly identical workers or the mass quantities of discarded parts are disturbing, yet visually effective, drawing the viewer into a world that is very real, but that very rarely has anything to do with aesthetics at all.

Artist: Edward Burtynsky
+ edwardburtynsky.com

Edward Burtynsky's photos are also on exhibit in San Francsico, New York and Brooklyn.

Manufacturing #16, Bird Mobile

Manufacturing #17, Deda Chicken Processing Plant

China Recylcing #5, Phone Dials

China Recycling #9, Circuit Boards


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