"Shelf Life"
by sabine7 / October 13, 2005

London-based James Hopkins takes everyday objects and makes them do tricks in his current exhibition From This End to That. Web Head is a spider web sliced out of an umbrella, Spirit Level Vodka is a group of eight bottles perched precariously on a shelf set at an angle, the contents level, Upper Limit is a stepladder that stands on two legs. Shelf Life is a set of bog standard pine bookshelves housing an assortment of the usual: LPs, a clock, a guitar, a globe, boxes. But Hopkins has cut them and put them together in the form of a skull, reminding us that these consumer goods, our material possessions, will some day lose all importance.

Artist: James Hopkins
+ rivingtonarms.com

At the Rivington Arms in NYC through October 21st.

Spirit Level Vodka

hopkins_upper_limit_oct_05.jpg hopkins_webhead_oct_05.jpg
Upper Limit / Web Head


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