by sabine7 / October 17, 2005

Braingirl is the ‘mutant-cute girl’ heroine of the eponymous web cartoon by Marina Zurkow. The animated series comprises ten episodes that explore the world of Braingirl and her pal Bagboy covering a variety of topics that range from ponies to circles to finding a long lost mother. The Macromedia Flash animation is simple, based on clip art and instruction manuals – short, but not altogether sweet episodes that have to be seen to be believed. Braingirl started out as an icon destined for street art, but evolved into a sort of everygirl - a naked, eyeless character who wears her brain on the outside. To find out what happens when you drink the wrong love potion or the dangers involved in seeking out a puppy, it’s high time you met Braingirl.

Artist: Marina Zurkow
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Bagboy drinking the love potion.

Braingirl in Meatgirl episode, after the wrong love potion.

Bagboy and Braingirl at the doctor's office.



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