"Oh yes...it is a garden!"
by sabine7 / October 5, 2005

Oh yes….it is a garden! is the current installation by Swiss artist Olaf Breuning at the Chisendale Gallery in London. The installation is made up of a menagerie of wooden animals, such as the Worm above, carved by chainsaw and then chiseled by hand. Holes have been made in the wood so that candles crafted by Breuning can be inserted to add dimension and colour to the creatures. The result is an intriguing fantasy landscape that will appeal to both young and old.

Artist: Olaf Breuning
+ chisenhale.org.uk

Oh yes … it is a garden! continues through October 25th at the Chisendale Gallery in London.

breuning_bird_oct_05.jpg breuning_lion_oct_05.jpg
Bird / Lion




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