"Little Mo"
by sabine7 / October 6, 2005

Peter Reginato has been sculpting with steel since 1969, first drawing the shapes and forms needed, then rendering them in steel rather than relying on found objects. Most recently Reginato has been putting his efforts into smaller vertical sculptures, but had been concentrating on sculptures that are low to the ground, made up of many components spread out yet connected. Some of these lower pieces evoke thoughts of a cubist painting or a Matisse come alive, all the bits and bobs scampering about and then hooking up to rework the piece their own way. Reginato's sculptures are colourful and cartoonlike, almost animated in their composition.

Artist: Peter Reginato
+ peterreginato.com

Peter Reginato will be part of a two-person show with Ronnie Landfield at the Heidi Cho Gallery in NY from October 14th through November 12th.


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