"Hairy Guy (with Babies)"
by sabine7 / October 4, 2005

Liz Craft, an LA sculptor, has a new exhibit peopled by a gang of Hairy Guys, playful bronzes that evoke a recognizable long-haired counterculture. Her Hairy Guy (with Babies) at first looks ominous given that the babies are chained together and have nervous eyes, but then again, they don’t appear to have arms, so hand-holding is out of the question anyway. Hairy Guy is no suburban minivan dad – clearly he is hitchhiking – but he is looking after his charges in a way that only he can pull off.

Artist: Liz Craft
+ peresprojects.com

Liz Craft: New Sculptures is at Peres Projects in LA until Oct.22

Hairy Guy (with Babies)

Hairy Guy (with thought balloon)

Deflated (Hairy Guy)

Ladder Guy


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