by sabine7 / October 1, 2005

Ben Colebrook questions the creative process and the ensuing measure of artistic success with Do-It-Yourself, a reproduction of the self-improvement section at Barnes and Noble, in the form of over 800 pieces of plywood painted to masquerade as self-help paperbacks. Do-It-Yourself was part of a show entitled ‘Reproduce’ which also featured Colebrook’s take on how an artist makes money: by embossing. Gene Pool is composed of layers of the word ‘reproduce’ cut out from inkjet prints in a wide variety of fonts. Visitors to the exhibit were encouraged to help themselves to their favorite fonts, thereby disseminating the pool throughout the world.

Artist: Ben Colebrook
+ whitedotstudio.com


colebrook_funnymoney_oct_05.jpg colebrook_chumpchange_oct_0.jpg
Funny Money / Chump Change

colebrook_reproduce_oct_05.jpg colebrook_genepool_oct_05.jpg
Gene Pool


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