"Les Cosmonautes"
by sabine7 / October 2, 2005

Pierre et Gilles are a Parisian duo who have been creating their unique blend of photo-paintings since 1976. Eschewing technological advances and the digitizing process, Pierre et Gilles still carry out their tried and true techniques to produce their own brand of hyper-realism. After choosing a model, they sketch out the work and then build a set for each production. They create costumes and lighting, design the scenery then put it all together in order that Pierre photograph it before Gilles takes his paintbrush to the photo. The result is a scene from an enchanted world: the world of Pierre et Gilles. The newly opened MOCA Shanghai is currently featuring the first retrospective of this team that delights in a starry paradise of sailors and magical moments.

Artist: Pierre et Gilles
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Dans le port du Havre

Le Fluteur



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