"Cheyney and Eileen Disturb a Historian at Pompeii"
by sabine7 / September 30, 2005

Scottish artist Lucy McKenzie is very much influenced by the work of Belgian artist Herge, creator of Tintin, the young detective with the short trousers and never-changing hairstyle. This is quite clear in some of her newer pieces, especially the cartoon drawings and the ‘real life’ sketches of Tintin. Her latest exhibition also includes a series of erotic pencil drawings and some large-scale chalk and charcoal abstracts a la Mondrian. Keith and Kerry are works from a previous exhibition entitled Global Views.

Artist: Lucy McKenzie
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Lucy McKenzie: SMERSH will be on view from September 10–October 8, at the Metro Pictures Galley in New York.

mckenzie_lucy_paulina_sept_.jpg mckenzie_simon_sept_05.jpg
Lucy and Paulina in the Moscow Metro / Simon in Fort Greene

mckenzie_tintina_sept_05.jpg mckenzie_tintinb_sept_05.jpg




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