"Floating Island"
by sabine7 / September 24, 2005

Thirty years ago, artist Robert Smithson developed the concept of Floating Island, a barge landscaped as an island, complete with earth, rocks and trees, destined to travel around Manhattan Island. Finally the project has been realized and this is the last weekend to see the barge in action, towed by a tugboat. For those not in the know, Floating Island is sure to tickle their peripheral vision as it floats by. Floating Island is the artist’s homage to Central Park, and it is a shame Smithson is no longer around to enjoy the fruition of his efforts.

Artist: Robert Smithson
+ whitney.org

Floating Island will travel around Manhattan Island through Sept. 25. A Robert Smithson retrospective is on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art through Oct. 23.





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