Moving Paintings
by sabine7 / September 20, 2005

Naomie Kremer is known for her abstract paintings, but like every artist was loathe to tire of any one medium, so turned to making videos out of previous works. The effect is literally a kaleidoscope of brush strokes. Various elements start to shimmer and shake all over the background, almost dancing away to leave a blank, then coming back to eventually take up their places once again. The accompanying audio component to the video paintings (wind chimes, the sound of breaking glass, arrows cutting through the air) adds even more depth to the layering already in place. Kremer has observed that once viewers arrive at a video piece of hers in a gallery, they cannot help but go back to take another closer look at the canvases. This work is a must-see.

(Quicktime needed to view Moving Paintings at the following two links.)

Artist: Naomie Kremer

Blue Streak

Rudimentary Moves (still)

Rudimentary Moves (still)

Rudimentary Moves (still)

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