"Shag: The Art of Josh Agle"
by sabine7 / September 19, 2005

Celebrate consumerism and consumption a la Josh Agle, or Shag, as he is commonly known, with his fantastic hardcover coffee table book that covers a wide selection of his most recent paintings and illustrations from the retro world of Tiki clubs, smart cocktails and dashing men with eye patches. This book is chock full of Shag mood - urban sophisticates reveling in vice, all at their most glamourous. Shag brings back the world of fondue pots, pipe-smoking lounge lizards, party gals with cigarette holders and cats eye glasses, funky rotary dial telephones and full afros, all in bold colour and clean lines.

Artist: Shag (Josh Agle)
Shag: The Art of Josh Agle at Amazon

Fondue Set

Into His Dark Heart

The Protectors

Thin Ice


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