"Hornets' Nests"
by sabine7 / September 8, 2005

In addition to being a designer, artist and writer, Douglas Coupland is collector, disseminator and icon of pop culture. He has created a series of four hornets’ nests out of his own books, first soaking the pages, then chewing them before layering the ensuing paste in papier mache fashion. The final two nests of the series are made of the finer pages of the Gideon Bible which represents the idea of travel to Coupland (this edition of the Bible is to be found in hotel rooms all over the world) and the more durable U.S. $1 bills for the nest entitled Royalties (the bills were soaked in antiseptic first).

Artist: Douglas Coupland
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+ coupland.com

Coupland is currently exhibiting at the Monte Clark Gallery in Toronto until September 18th. In addition to the Hornets’ Nests, a series of twelve bell jars housing meteorites and bronzed ramen makes up Coupland’s Philosopher’s Stones.





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