by sabine7 / September 10, 2005

Jon Rosenbaum makes small abstract sculptures out of paper and glue and pigment, using a feathering effect that looks like the layering of Post-it notes. Rosenbaum bases his sculptures on his drawings which veer towards the fantastical. Once he chooses an element of a drawing, he builds it into three dimensions, bringing it to life. Treehouse is only 5 x 5 x 2 inches, and practically begs to be picked up. The sculpture has an air of armour about it, despite the delicate nature of the medium and the angel wing aspect that is grounded by the trunk. Quite a contrast to the little Chupacabra creature.

Artist: Jon Rosenbaum
+ axelraben.com

Treehouse - back view


Transponding Tower


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