"Wave UFO"
by sabine7 / August 29, 2005

NY-based Mariko Mori is known for her video and photo installations that transcend time and space, but Wave UFO is an installation that truly brings a new age, new wave zen to Moriís work. Made of aluminum, magnesium, carbon fibre, technogel and fiberglass, Wave UFO appears to float milky white on the horizon, while firmly grounded at the Venice Biennale. Inside, three participants at a time are able to connect with each other, and the world at large, through the use of brainwaves, and a whole lot of high tech. Again, drawing on Buddhist principles, Oneness is another one of Moriís works that is a reflection of oneís acceptance by and of society and the world around one. High tech zen at its sleekest.

Artist: Mariko Mori
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Entering Wave UFO




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