"Nuestra Senora de Las Iguanas"
by sabine7 / August 11, 2005

The black and white photographs of Mexican Graciela Iturbide are haunting in their own right, but when one takes into consideration how much they reflect a non-Hispanic, pre-catholic Mexico, they become important tools towards better understanding that country. Iturbide studies indigenous communities such as Juchitan, a matriarchal society. Nuestra Senora de Las Iguanas (Our Lady of the Iguanas) who wears a head dress of live iguanas is evidence of this, and Mujer Angel (Angel Woman) depicts the juxtaposition between then and now as a young woman wearing traditional dress faces the desert holding a boombox. More recently Iturbideís work takes in the landscape of the American South, providing us with striking images of the land in its gracefulness.

Artist: Graciela Iturbide
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Mujer Angel

Arbol Con Pajaros

Sin titulo, Botanical Gardens, Oaxaca

Sin titulo, Botanical Gardens, Oaxaca


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