"Negotiated specimens, heartfelt goodbyes..."
by sabine7 / August 12, 2005

"...and aiding and abetting the future dust"
Joshua Krause is a wonderful artist with a clear sense of humour who has quite a knack with titles. His paintings, illustrations and collages are mixed media works on a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, handmade paper, pages or covers of old books and the occasional napkin. Krause grew up in New York, fascinated by the bits and bobs to be found on its streets. This fascination would grow to form his artwork. Krauseís artistic influences are as varied as his styles and include fauvism and folk art, not to mention street art and the Impressionists. Oh, and donít forget the chicken bones.

Artist: Joshua Krause
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Failed Soap Operas: The Happy, but Hairy...

In The Hours following, the air was thick with nothing

Placeless Spaces


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