"Color Blind"
by sabine7 / August 17, 2005

Sean Healy is an artist from Portland, Oregon who plays with a variety of materials, most often sealing smaller images under glass or resin. Color Blind is a nifty arrangement of animals under glass, like a shield of paperweights and the Hescher Tsunami is wave of bright bits of resin mounted on steel and cascading forth from the wall. But it is when one gets into Healyís two-dimensional works that the grins really start to form, as in the case of Thatís You, Thatís Your Girlfriend, plastic on wood, or especially Wallflower Party which is etched and painted glass on coloured resin. Party on.

Artist: Sean Healy
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Hescher Tsunami

That's You, That's Your Girlfriend

Wallflower Party


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