by sabine7 / August 1, 2005

Ryan Johnson creates life-sized paper sculptures that are like three-dimensional characters slowly emerging from a two-dimensional state. Ghosting is the sculpture of a fellow who almost looks like he is sleepwalking, having just roused himself from a session in front of the television. A remote control is hanging from his hand, a bit of drool leaks out the side of his mouth and he is wrapped in the paper afghan that had probably been on his paper couch. No doubt his couch potato persona is a paler version of his more wide-awake self. Likewise, the rambler in Rambliní Man moves from light hues to saturated colour as he goes forward, making strides or simply guided by his earphones.

Artist: Ryan Johnson
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ghosting_full_front_aug_05.jpg ghosting_full_side_aug_05.jpg

Ramblin' Man

Red Head


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